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  1. Pitzy

    Banlist scuze

    ADMIN scuze: ban Navy permanently (reason: aim.wall) 8 Navy VALVE_0:4:1595561589 demo il am nu stiu pe ce sa ii dau upload sa ramana...
  2. Pitzy

    Banlist scuze

    ADMIN scuze: ban OMG | BeBeTo permanently (reason: aim.wall) am demo dar nu stiu pe ce sa l pun...sa ramana ADMIN scuze: ban Cika Death permanently (reason: no.wg) *VIU* [Admin] scuze : cika *VIU* [Admin] scuze : wargods scuze killed iusha99 with ak47 *VIU* [Admin] scuze : test *VIU* [Admin] scuze : 5 minutes *MORT* Cika Death : lol *MORT* Cika Death : just spec me <Warrior> Player dropped <Warrior> Player has left the game *MORT* Cika Death : idiot *MORT* [Admin] scuze : give or not wg? *VIU* [Admin] scuze : no time left *VIU* Cika Death : timelef
  3. Pitzy

    Cerere admin scuze

    Multumesc,da la asta ma refeream cu donatia nu pot dona luna de luna
  4. Nick:Scuze Steamid:STEAM_0:1:3818337 Varsta:18 Esti dispus sa donezi?:depinde
  5. Pitzy

    salut pot primi unban verifica cererea mea unban te rog

  6. Pitzy

    Cerere Unban

    NICK: why u cold like that? IP: STEAMID:STEAM_0:1:3818337 0 00:31 0 0 DATA/ORA: 11:40 ADMIN: nu stiu DETALII: Kicked by Console: "bye (banned permanently)" Kicked :"bye (banned permanently)"
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