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    {Vip}BR'rrr ;*

    yes bro.everything ok..thanks a lot
  2. BRrrr

    {Vip}BR'rrr ;*

    Nick: "{Vip}BR'rrr ;* ︻芫=一" STEAM: STEAM_0:1:420066146 ip: THANKS
  3. BRrrr

    {Vip}BR'rrr ;*

    When i go home bro, bcs im at work now. Thanks
  4. Hello. Yesterday im banned by Burcea bcs he think im cheater, 1 day before K_ZAY give me 3 screenshots and i show him. He say you clean and you can play. Yesterday other admin banned me. Im STEAM player. What do you need now? please UNBAN and dont BAN for no reason. Im play on headphone so i listen where player gone. Thanks
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